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Correct Exposure Without Losing your Lights or Crushing your Blacks Non-Destructively in Lightroom

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What is Reactive Exposure?

Reactive Exposure™ is a plug-in that speaks natively with Adobe Lightroom, evaluates your image, and applies adjustment settings directly to the file in your catalog. Reactive Exposure takes the guesswork out of Luminosity and Tone Controls as a response to any Exposure adjustments you make, simplifying your work-flow.
Windows & Mac Technical Requirements
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    After-© Mark Heaps
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Say Goodbye to Inflated Lightroom Catalog Files

Reactive Exposure only ever works directly with your source Lightroom file. There is never a duplicate file added to your catalog like using other plug-ins. Reactive Exposure maintains the integrity of your work-flow. No hidden settings or values that are kept by the plug-in.

Mark Heaps explains how Reactive Exposure works

In this video, Mark Heaps explains how Reactive Exposure uses an Exposure slider to adjust the Lightroom Exposure, while the Responsive slider algorithmically manipulates the Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, and Luminosity sliders to enhance the exposure and lighting of your photographs.
“Most people forget to use the luminosity sliders, and Reactive Exposure does it for you transparently, plus who doesn’t love a plugin that simplifies 12 sliders down to 2 sliders.” – Colin Smith
“Reactive Exposure is what happens when all the exposure and luminosity controls work together in Lightroom, speeding up my first steps in post-production workflow.” – Mark Heaps
“I really loved using the Reactive Exposure plugin – it was intuitive and gave me great results quickly. Two thumbs way up!” – Tim Babiak (PPA POTY 2014 & 2015, PPA Intl Print Comp. 2015 Bronze Medalist, President Austin PPA)
“Reactive Exposure has given me the ability to work in Lightroom around areas of exposure and lighting that before I would have avoided and that has allowed me to push the boundaries of my outdoor lighting. Plus it has shaved significant post production time from ‘problem’ images.” – Mark Daughn
“Reactive Exposure brings intelligent image adjustment sliders to Lightroom!” – Michael Connell

Pro Mode is Amazing

Not only can you adjust global exposure, but with Reactive Exposure you can target specific hues to adjust. Focus on or exclude Warm, Cool or Earth hues as well as Hues on their own. You’ll be amazed how much control Reactive Exposure offers!

Photographers everywhere are bringing new life to their photography with Reactive Exposure

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Perfect Your Exposure with Reactive Exposure


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For Mac and Windows


Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher


Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support


Microsoft® Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8 or higher


Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor


2 GB

Hard Drive

15 MB for installation (1 GB of available hard-disk space)


1024×768 resolution